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When a corrupt senator puts a contract out on the life of DEA Special Agent Raven Payne and she has to hide out at a Montana ranch, she thinks her life has finally hit rock bottom. But the only thing worse than being on the run from the bad guys, is being irresistibly drawn to her arrogant cowboy host.

Deacon Bishop thinks women are only good for one thing—and it ain’t working for the DEA. Now he’s saddled with a reckless woman on the run from an assassin, and what’s worse, his wolf recognizes her as his mate. He agrees to protect her and keep her in line, but no way is he claiming the little hellion—no matter how hot the passion is between them.

When an assassin gets too close, can Deac save Raven before it’s too late or will she make the ultimate sacrifice?

Taming Raven


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